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BREAKING: betterU closes deal with USA Paramount Staffing for their newly launched Ready-To-Go SaaS Enterprise skills development

  • Entered into an annual SaaS agreement with one of the largest staffing firms in the USA, Paramount Staffing
  • Paramount, is a $200+ Million USD Staffing Firm with over 300 employees across the USA and Canada
  • betterU has been able to curate and integrate a Ready-To-Go content library across top subjects so that HR managers could provide simple access to their entire organization

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I don’t think we need hope Dr Ray puts a “spin” on positive secondary endpoints. As a former clinical researcher myself, I’m know that the effects cognitive function and kidney function will be very important to him. If they have positive outcomes, he will give them plenty of publicity!

We should remember that “secondary” does not necessarily mean “less important”. The primary endpoint is merely the one the trial was designed to test (and therefore used for the selection criteria, power calculations, etc, when it was designed) based on the researchers’ understanding of the drug’s mechanism of action, preclinical data, etc. A big effect on cognitive function and/or CKD might be more valuable to doctors and patients in the long run than an effect on CVD. 

16 November is going to be a big day. I’m wondering if DM’s use of the word “enlightening” implies there may be something very new to present. As to my knowledge no clinical data on apabetalone and cognitive function have yet been published (correct me if I’m wrong), I’m wondering if there may be some good news to come there. Let’s hope!



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