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Message: New Share Price Contest update to Oct 12th

narmac - I hear what you are saying but we don't know when of if secondary results will be presented before or after Nov 16 the same way that we didn't know if Top Line would be delivered prior to the first contest ending.

This is meant to lighten the air a little while we wait and wait and wait. Everyone here knows the same information but may interpret what they have seen a little different. Maybe everything will be reported at the AHA as the News Release said full data would be reported at the AHA Nov 16 and then a little further down it says the substudies will be released in the near future. None of us know if the near future is before or after Nov 16th.

Anyone who wants to play the guessing game is welcome to play, it's just a game. We all have the same information to use as we ourselves interpret it. The game is open until midnight MDT Oct 30th 2019. If you want to change your guess prior to the cut off date because of some info you or we have gleened then change your guess. If you want to play please let us know what your share price guess is going to be at the close of trading on the TSX on Nov 19th 2019 in Canadian dollars.

Here are the words from the News Release on Sept 30th

Full study results will be presented during a late-breaking science session at AHA 2019 (the details of which are below).


“We look forward to presenting the full and detailed results of this novel therapeutic approach in a population, that despite optimal care, remains at high risk for additional cardiovascular events,” said Kausik K. Ray, M.D., BETonMACE study chair and Professor of Public Health and Consultant Cardiologist at Imperial College London.


“We are proud as a Company to be developing apabetalone and explore its potential to reduce cardiovascular events in patients at high risk,” says Donald McCaffrey, President and CEO of Resverlogix. “I believe the results from BETonMACE will be a key stepping stone to advance this novel therapy to address unmet medical need and we will continue to advance our programs moving forward.”


“In addition to the primary results, we look forward to reporting our secondary and exploratory endpoints in the near future,” commented Dr. Michael Sweeney, Senior Vice President, Clinical Development of the Company.

To me it looks like FULL results will be presented on Nov 16th with a chance the we might see something before, but that is my interpretation. There is no money involved here, it's just a game. Play if you want to, don't play if you don't want to. It's just a time killer.



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