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Message: Re: Is volume going to turn the corner?

Just a couple minor points....while the US is commonly said to be 10x the size of Canada in terms of population, its actually about 9x bigger...37 million or so in Canada x 8.8 comes to about 325 million....the US would need another 50 or so million people to be 10x our size :-)

As for Don not using the stock market as a source of funds.....it was just used in June with the last share offering, less than 6  months ago.  And the recent debenture offering has warrants attached with ORI having the option to convert to shares....so the market has been used as a source of funds with the last two cash raises, first directly and then indirectly. 

How the company is financing itself right now and how much cash is left....it doesn't seem we have an answer aside from basically 'trust us, we're good'.  

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