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Message: Is volume going to turn the corner?

Listing on the Nasdaq will definitely boost the share price.  There are many health care dedicated and generalist funds in the US who would invest in RVX, but whose mandate is to stick to US listed stocks.  And liquidity will increase in RVX with a Nasdaq listing.  In fact, I am mystified why RVX did not pursue a listing in the US some time back.

Case in point: After Kirkland Lake Gold listed in the US, their volumes (and share price) in Canada went up.  US brokers would now allow KL to be bought on margin...something they refused to do with only a Toronto listing. 

Finally, US investors, as noted by some on this forum, have a much higher risk tolerance.  Not sure why...I mean culturally speaking, the US and Canada are about as similar as you can get...but it is what it is.  Perhaps the cost of equity is perceived differently in the US re Canada.

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