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BREAKING: Kontrol Receives Approval for Government Grant to Accelerate the Development of New COVID-19 Testing Technology

  • Received approval for an initial government grant of $50,000 from the National Research Council of Canada to accelerate its new Covid-19 testing technology, the Kontrol BioCloud® analyzer
  • Kontrol is developing a new technology designed to detect and alert for COVID-19, in real-time, through rapid on-site air sampling and detection of aerosol and droplet encapsulated viruses in indoor and outdoor environments
  • Kontrol has developed its initial prototype and has commenced lab testing of the detection chamber
  • The lab will spend the next 4 weeks testing the detection chamber and the applicable interactions with COVID-19

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Message: Rumors....

......not sure about you guys but I am an avid bloomberg radio listener, 3 hours daily.

It's amazing how often you will hear about M&A announcements and when such an event takes place the shows host and guest will almost always talk about how there was "rumors in the markets" prior to the event taking place.

Funny how those rumors are not openly talked about prior to the event .

Anyways, just remember the markets do not function in a vacuum. A lot of moving parts and and it's people whom are manipulating the movement of those parts. 

Human nature being what it is has people always chatting over coffee, a few drinks at the days end, walking the links whatever. People looooove to chat about things maybe they shouldn't  but again it's human nature to share especially about things that are considered to be secretive.

My view is we have had a P3 failure period.....market does not really care and the sp shows that. Having said that, yes one could argue, it's the secondary data that's keeping the share price well above the post TL release. I tend to agree but would add that the major shareholders, and there are many beyond just the obvious KD and Hepa. They want want to move on from this mess with a profit. Major investors are pragmatic and have thier own time lines and expectations. They certainly are not bag holders hoping to hang on for another year or two or whatever. 

P3 was a fail and the only resolution to salvage this thing and still have the expectation of profit whitin a reasnoble timeline is a sale of the company.

Decided to share this based on some pm I have had recently with a number of members on this board.

I am declaring the sale of the company is imeninent and details such as price will be determined on what the FDA gives the company as to a future direction.

Gran Oso I know I have no way to verify such thoughts as you can imagine to do so would not be prudent so if you need to delete this post I have no problem.

I am fully invested as well as family members and business associates.

I am worn out completely like many. It's the top of the 9th and end of game. Won't be a total home run, center field, over the bleachers and into someone's windshield but will prove to be a home run nontheless

Am out.....good luck to all.....


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