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Message: Biogen

The way I'm looking at it is this.....

Apabetalone has only had one large scale trial, and all the patients were diabetic, with low hdl and a recent adverse cardiac event.  Among those patients were some over 70 who've shown cognitive decline...a couple hundred give or take going off memory because I don't want to look back.

My question now is this.  If 208 does in fact show benefits over placebo in this type of patient population, does that mean that it might work in people suffering cognitive decline who aren't diabetic, and low hdl, people who haven't had a racent MACE?

Just going with American stats over 5 million are said to suffer from the disease, with about half being undiagnosed.  How many of those also suffer from diabetes and low hdl?  

I think its obvious another trial has to happen, at least one, if 208 is going to end up being a Cognitive drug, unregardless of wheter its fast tracked or not.

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