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Message: 4-8b guess

Back in February of this year we were running a contest that had share prices running anywhere from $0 - $133 or thereabouts.  I was in for $40, Iconoclast was in for $25 and so on.  If we look back on that now, the big winner as of today’s date would be PublicHeel who came in at $1.25.  

After September 30 we ran another contest that still had reasonably optimistic numbers (mine included) although much less than those in the previous contest.  All bets then we’re on glossy and glowing reports from the AHA.  Once again none of those materialized with the exception of those that guessed in around the numbers that we have now.

In any case my guess now is that nobody really has a clue.

If the company CEO states (unofficially and knowing all results of the BoM trial) that a figure of $4B would be good for RVX shareholders then that is probably a number that is as close as anything to being in the ballpark we are going to get at this stage.  If anybody does have a clue, it has to be the CEO.  Again, I totally agree that the most likely scenario is that this kind of number will only come to fruition via a buyout......if that were actually going to occur at all.  Again, even that is all just speculation, wishful thinking, or whatever.  

Even though we didn’t hit the primary endpoint (,,,,,sorry KOO) I think that the results from BoM were actually pretty darn good for what everyone now agrees was an underpowered trial.  There’s a lot of good stuff there.  I think the financial aspect will be sorted out, somehow, and that the development of the drug will continue.  I also think that anyone that is invested in this thing will ultimately do ok, but how ok (or when) that is I don’t have a clue other than the $4B figure DM tossed out.  If he’s right, I’ll take it but for now I’ll just go with the plan he outlined last Friday and we’ll see what happens.  Really nothing else to do.





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