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Message: Investor Relations

You know I'm going to answer YES!!!  I almost burned my communications bridge with IR....I certainly did a lot of damage to it with some of my terse verbiage.  Look at Cabel's recent response to his question about whether or not there was any embargo on news coming out during the incentive period from Dec 10 to Jan 10.  A simple question, yes there is...or no there isn'.  Instead he gets this:

At all times, the Company, in accordance with regulatory and listing requirements, will endeavor to make public all available relevant and material information in a timely manner. (my bolding)

So what is it?  A yes or a no?  I'll be darned if I can tell from that answer.  I take that to mean "maybe"...as in it depends on the news and the circumstances surrounding it.  So a straight answer, if my interpertation is right, would have been:  "There is no blanket embargo on news, however there may be events that will have restrictions on us issuing a NR or other communication in a timely manner".  

My head just about exploded earlier this year when we were trying to have get a handle on the number of MAC events that had taken place.  In a conversation with Paul Moon I took his figure and repeated it back saying "Okay, so you're saying there are X number of confimred MACE".  He then told me that the MACE number they were quoting included both confirmed and suspected MACE.  

Imagine if authorites in NZ decided to report all those missing and deceased...as deceased.  Instead I think it was initially reported as 8 missing and 6 dead.   And they further said the 8 missing were 'presumed dead'....but with Resverlogix, they were simply lumping confirmed and suspected MACE....

Sometimes I think this company goes out of its way to annoy retail investors by failing to provide simple answers to incredibly simple questions.  FWIW though, I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing....

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