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Message: From IR

Well again, an "overt" reference to "our break through status filing"

I like that tthis term is being bandied about quite frequently these days. Whether it comes to reality or not, I never heard this topical point until Don's Nov 18 webcast, which followed RVX' Nov 13 FDA "sit down" ...

I am hopeful that the FDA meeting is where Don got the idea and notion of the "break-through status" possibility, at THIS particular point in time, ... and the cajones to feel emboldened to publicly talk about it within their "go-forward" strategy speak, communications, and disclosures.

Don (IR) would have to know in a world of desperate and fatigued investors, ... we would be drawn to "break-through" hopes like a bug to a light ... (or is it a windshield?!).

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