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Message: So....for warrants

It's curious and odd to me that RVX would softly promote BT status potential, based on the current data and environment, but remain silent on filings?

Not sure if it to placate the regulatory bodies, IOW remain catious and humble, no corproate/public/outward pressure while the submission/pleading/groveling takes place?

Or, there are potential deals in place (or close) with respective valuations pending statuses and paths forward, and that's all that matters to RVX decision makes (tight focus)?

Or, the tumultuous market nature of announcing filings and goals which may not come to fruition, and become yet another deflating experience? IOW, it may be better (for the market) to simplly announce the path forward (when known) with a splash "if" BT (and P4 for additional validation?) occurs, or announce the "expected" course "if" another P3 or Bolt-on is needed so as to not further deflate the investors over yet another disappoinment? ... instead of setting up another expectation disappointment for "failed" BT status filing, with a ticking clock, while waiting for another penultimate "moment" which has the potantial to disappoint the market, etc?

I really don't know why the closely held information for such an information starved investor base, and I am proving bad at psycho-analyzing RVX thought processes, and tea leaves. Just guessing, and YOUR guess is as good or better than mine. 

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