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BREAKING:  Hollister Biosciences Provides Update on Q2 2020, Generated Record Quarterly Revenue of CDN$ 11.5 Million

  • CDN$ 1.375 million in EBITDA
  • Bureau of Cannabis Control officially renewed its cannabis distribution license for the next year through August 2021
  • "We are very pleased with our revenue growth year to date.  Sales of cannabis related products have proven to be resilient throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.  We hope to continue to deliver strong results as the year progresses" stated Carl Saling, CEO.

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Message: So....for warrants

BT status is one thing, merely announcing that the FDA/EMA have accepted a BT status filing with a ruling anticipated within a 60 day window is another.  

If BT status is granted at some point, I think everyone agrees that would be huge....emphasis on the word would.  Merely having the FDA/EMA accept such a request for consideration....imo that would be significant enough to move the needle, but not nearly as much as BT status being ultimately granted.

What I find annoying, or perhaps vexing is a better word....is trying to determine what represents a material event and what does not.  There is a lot of subjectivity involved, what I consider material others may not, including the company.  That's why I referred to my opinion in an earlier posts as being utterly worthless....what ultimately matters is the opinion of the company itself.  

Speaking specficially with regards to the warrant incentive program....is news, either positive or negative, material?  I think it is....whether the company raised $0 or $1 million or $15 million, to my mind this is absolutely material information. 

Resverlogix's filings have a "going concern" disclosure, the company's lack of financial resources raises significant doubt as to its ability to continue as a going concern.  Ergo (I would argue) the status of this incentive inititiative, whether it failed or succeeded to any degree is absolutely material information that must be disclosed to shareholders in my view.

Might the company disagree?  If we don't get any news then it would seem they do, and their opinion determines whether we see news or not.  



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