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Message: BETonMACE CKD substudy abstract was supposed to be posted in AJKD

GAC you asked the question so I feel compelled to answer. 

Yes I believe you are blowing smoke. Missing the NKF presentation is not like sitting out the 7th game of the World Series, maybe the 1st game. 

Yes you did blow a gasket a few times in 2017. Yes financing was way, way, way more important to the company in Sept of 2017 than answering any of the investors petty, selfish questions. Without putting the laser guided effort into taking care of the financial situation in the fall of 2017 there would not be a message board necessary to talk about a non-existing company. 

There is a lot happening with this little company that has received a BTD for this diabetic, CVD drug that happens to have what looks like a positive effect on CKD patients. The BOD made or agreed to a decision to not participate in the NKF Late-Breaker today. Whatever the reason is, let it play out before blowing another gasket. Let the people running the company, run the company, instead of continually having to answer an ever increasing number of questions that will not help them get where they need to be.

In case you haven't noticed, the world is just a little different today than it was a year ago. The fact that RVX-208 happens to be at the top of a list of 69 drugs that are being tested as a possible treatment for Covid-19 patients may also have a little to do with the decision to hold off on today's presentation as well. Give the amount of brain power time and money worldwide being put into trying to find drugs that will put a significant dent into this virus thing, why not wait a week or two to see what comes of that. Maybe they could hit that bases loaded home run to win that 7th game and the series.

We will hear the sensitive information when they feel the time is right for both them and us.


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