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Message: Revised target market, indications, market potential? ... and some numbers?

I've been in this stock for quite a long time and, like some others here too, and many other investors I'm sure, I made the decision some time ago that I'll see this through to some sort of conclusion because I've already persisted through all of the trials and tribulations.  

I don't post often because we have so many others who do and who generally offer far greater insights than I.  

What I will say now is that up and until there is greater certainty of the path forward, this stick will do what it's been doing for quite some time now.   

Given the data of the P3 trial results, which I would rephrase as a "failed" not qualified success, the results clearly showed near immediate improvement for the targeted patients compared to SoC.  

So it's my view that a follow on trial will be much more on the shorter side of duration and therefore derisked from a BP point I've view specially given the original P3 results and outstanding safety profile.

Because we are talking about a Rule Breaking stock, we are fighting against the status quo of today's profitable solutions.   So any BP would be foolish to jump straight into the deep end until the water is so compelling refreshing to do so.   

And I am also experienced in the M&A workd (not in Biotech) and so the deals do take time and when sworn under due diligence, no one can comment.   And many times one never even knows there is a blockbuster deal brewing until one day its announced.

In our situation, because we all are close to this investment and because we all see such positive results and have on our own merit bought into the fact that we have a potentially rule breaking science on our hands and finally because of the fact that we know our coffins are bare, we are so infatuated with this drama that we blame Son for not getting it done.

But I'm telling you that a straightforward deal of any mind takes a min of 6 months to get done that we need to be patient for at least a few more months.  

And in this case, it's complicated.  For a small company, RVX has a very complicated structure with the ties to Zenith which also shows great hope and promise I'm more breakthrough rule breaking science.  And so this truly is diffcilt to figure out even for a BP   

Added to this, we have the FDA still needing to weigh in on how they see the path forward too.  And until such a time that the FDA, financing, and new trial design are all figured out, the SP can't establish a reliable floor let alone ceiling.  

In short (which I'm not!), years ago I felt much more like I was "speculating" but now I feel like I'm much more investing.  It's my view that there will be a path forward, but what that ceiling really is is still a bit fuzzy to me but I'm much closer to $20+ than $4.  

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