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Message: Revised target market, indications, market potential? ... and some numbers?

I have the advantage I suppose of many years in medical research. I know how difficult it is to get to the finishing line. This helps me to be patient and to understand that as long as things keep going in the right direction, even if at times it seems too slow, the likelihood is that you will get there in the end. And then the rewards - medical and financial - can be very great. 
Whatever we think of the RVX management, my assessment is that ABL has been held back by insufficient funding (for a big enough trial) and probably some bad luck (choosing the wrong components of a composite MACE). The statins took many years to develop. If it hadn't been for the dogged perserverence for many years of a Japanese called Endo we wouldn't have them. Gene therapy was dumped by BP for many years, only to be salvaged by struggling biotech startups. Florey struggled to get funding for his "crazy" idea that chemicals extracted from fungi could cure lethal infections. It's the history of medicine. The REAL innovations take time. I believe epigenetic regulation will one day be up there with the statins, gene therapy, and antibiotics. The science is solid and the progress is positive, albeit very slow. The FDA seems to think the same. So I'm prepare to wait!

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