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Message: Constellation Pharma

I find it hard to believe that nothing will happen until September/October - flipping insane if Dm takes us right to the edge - u can't tell me that both rvx & their perspective partner(s) haven't been crunching numbers & have pretty concrete plans in place???IMO we should be within mere days or weeks of having our deal(s) roll out????

What else have they had to work on day in & out for months & months now??? 


You nailed it!

Cut down on the golf, no holidays, don't use the pandemic as an excuse, and cut a deal that matches the hype we've all gotten over the years!

By the way, Bear brought to our attention a very nice abstract that you can link to over on the Zenith board.

Although early, Eli Lilly's abemaciclib and Zen3694 looks quite promising as a combo!

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