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BREAKING: TransCanna Receives State-Wide Operating License

  • Now owns largest known fully licensed cannabis facilities in California
  • Successfully granted a Type 11 'Distributor' license by the California Bureau of Cannabis Control for its 196,000 square foot Daly Avenue Facility
  • This long-anticipated milestone marks the completion of all state and local licenses required for the Company to begin operations at its flagship cannabis processing facility in Modesto, California

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Message: Constellation Pharma

Hey Buckeyes:  All good points and well written.  I appreciate that.

I agree on the importance of a partnership and as we all know the devil is in the details there.  The other positive developments you mentioned are also good, but I do think the partnership is the key.   

I think the message here is that the company needs to provide more information on where they are at, what they have, the patents, the formulas, what they have learned from the past, etc.  They need to think of retail investors who don't have deep knowledge of the space, don't know much about what they (they company) are doing, and aren't living in Calgary where they might hear a snippet or two here or there.   We really are in the dark.  How could people not be frustrated?   Really - put yourself in our shoes and think about that deeply.

I've been here a long time.  I've really heard it all before - usually more than once.  At a certain point a person is not rational if they don't get skeptical.  

I've been wanting to move on from this investment for several years.  I kept my thoughts on that topic to myself for a long time.   Notice over the past few years how much less I post?  That's why!

I'm not someone easily intimidated.  I believe in excercising my free speech rights.   I've got a thick skin and am not offended by anyone's disagreement, insults (I see it more as people making a point, as I have), arguments, etc.  That's free speech.  As long as intentions are good and they writer is not playing financial games with this stock or misleading, it doesn't bother me much.  It is OK to have different opinions.  It's OK for writing to be a little humourous or expressive!  That's my view.

Koo asked if I would have invested in this if I had a clear view in 2006 how this would play out so far.  The answer is no.   Would I invest today on a purely going forward basis?  I can see how it is a better investment now.  Timeframes should be shorter.   More is known, although that is not often very clear.   But... the answer again is no, as I see now that penny stocks are sometimes in that class for a reason.  I don't see insider buying.  I see much uncertainty with IP, with trial financing, etc.  So the answer is again honestly no.   Might this change?  Yes, of course (although the penny stock thing would stop me).   Again, I look to another over-arching event:  The rumoured partnership.  Let's see if and when that happens and what it looks like.

That's my two cents for now.   Yes, I too think I don't need to post so much right now.  I'd personally rather go back to being quiet, as ultimately it doesn't make much of a difference.  What will be will be.  That being said, it's important that different views be heard.  And I think I had some clarifying to do, as people don't always appreciate my humour and use of that to make points....  So yes, I'm working on that a bit.










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