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Message: Constellation Pharma

hummm...generally from what I see here the argument is presented from multiple sources and view points with two different positions on the issue ,,,we surely must understand the whole issue is and always will be share price level at any given time period,,,,,,,,,in an arguement/discussion usually one position turns out to be dead wrong and the other correct in their assessment,,,with this animal both positions could be incorrect,,,but protecting ones position based on future speculation is a losing battle,,,,,SF has good points,,,,the share price is weighted to his side of this arguement,,but that can change tomorrow ,,,,,,,as there are lots of plus's to owning such cutting edge technology like epigenetics,,but,,,there is risk as we all know.....and so far our team is still trying their hardest to figure things out,,as in ,,what our MOA is,,,,,,,what 208 really has an effect on,,,,,how to effectively design a clinical trial that will show statistical significance,,etc,,,,share price in snippets of time decides if an investment is good or bad at that precise instant and from my chair this has been an excellent investment at times and at others very much not so,,from what we see in todays share price level if one is cost averaged in at 50 cents welll,,,all is good,,however if one is in at $2 or higher then not so,,,,,,,,,we cant predict the future but we can always assess our position during any one of these snippets in time,,,,some times we will be on the pigs back and some times we are sitting in the quagmire,,,,,we are all waiting for that time snippet when single digit share pricing is well behind us and never to be seen again,,,,,,



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