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But ,,nope,,,,,Management is not happy unless our share price in the dumper,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I see at end of day yesterday 93,000 shares on the ask at .76. Now that is pitiful!!,,,,,,,,,,,,,as is this team of professionals who cant provide enuff info to the investing public to stir even a tick of irrational exuberance!!

Narmac, it has been brutal to continue to watch RVX and Zenith still sitting out on the launch pad! I was hoping Pfizer would step up in June. Nothing! July? Nothing again! August? Who knows!?!

Been watching Tupperware on the NYSE since March.

Since its 52 week low of $1.15 on 03/17/20, it closed last Wednesday at $16.15.

Maybe our guys need to read their playbook to get a bit of inspiration!



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