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Message: SF

The whole world will know what?    That this company is a great non profit research foundation and nothing more in essence?   That it's spent 20 years now and has zero revenue?   That it's done absolutely nothing for retail shareholders?  That they've missed objectives on multiple trials (I count at least four such trials)?   That they are in bed with the CCP dictatorship through China investment and research ties?

What the heck are you talking about?  Will know what?

Bottom line is this thing sucks to high heaven as an investment and there's no evidence that the 20 year history will change   

That recent publication offers retail shareholders nothing other than saying the general field will be a great area for future research.  Whoopie doo! This company has no product no revenue and a patent shelf life going more and more stale each day.

I wish it were different.  

Even the Emperor has stopped musing about riches just around the corner.  I think he knows he's naked too and has known it for years.


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