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NFL Alumni Academy and ImagineAR Sign 5 Year Partnership Agreement

  • Announced the signing of a 5 year agreement with the NFL Alumni Association Academy to provide its Augmented Reality Platform for the launch of their new NFLA mobile interactive products
  • Agreement provides for equal program revenue sharing over the 5-year term
  • Partnership Kick-off for NFL Alumni Academy Activation in Canton, Ohio
  • ImagineAR’s technology will be featured in a docuseries about the Academy that begins production on September 28th

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Message: SF

I'm not sure what any CEO can actually do when the science while really groundbreakingly great, still actually fails to statistically meet its end point time after time.  BP would be equally stifled I think given the same art of circumstances.  One can only fake it til you make it for so long.  

When failures happen...you can't make partnerships happen.  You can't be bought out. You can't Will the results to be great.  You have to take it in the chin, buckle down, and reset.  You're basically handcuffed in the short term.

So fault Don if you must for being overly glass half full but he's been playing from behind for a long time now and playing with a much weaker hand too which is not his fault.  For if the CEO doesn't believe in the story than who else ever will?  

Don does and I'm glad for it else I'd sell. He's still our CEO.  The BOD still endorses him.  Investments take time.  Science takes longer.  Be patient. Stay the course.  See to it the end of this saga.     

I personally do still very much believe in the long term science of this company, and, while admittedly painful, they are narrowing it all down and homing in on the mechanism and solution to help people.   

I persoanlly think Don's "problem" if you will is that he is just too bought into it all and therefore makes grandiose promises on the come assuming it will all pan out only to be disappointed in the end results like the rest of us.  He may be CEO but he's really no different than you or I.  

It's discouraging as all get out.  It's maddening after all.  It's easy to lose faith.  It may still in fact still be all just a pipe dream   But at the end of the day, as an investor, you have to know when to hold em and when to fold em.  

I'm holding,




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