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Message: The problem...as I see it

Don't be silly!

The ORI conversion was a positive thing.    But given the pathetic stock value it was probably a no brainer.  I think it's pretty clear from experience that the stock will go up from the terrible values of late.    That's not to say it's a trillion dollar company but (within the realistic range it trades at ) ORI made a good choice.  Buy low and sell high.   But the high might not be enough to make people here happy.    It might just be the natural ebb and flow here... and hence might still make it a pathetic investment for us retail types.


This doesn’t make sense. ORI could have converted at any point. They could have had a conversion at nearly 50 cents. Something had to have changed their opinion that holding the guarantee to the only thing actually worth money in the company (the IP rights, if the company failed) was worth LESS than converting at double the price they could have converted at only months ago.  At this point, you’re either not understanding a clear point, or deliberately ignoring it in order to continue a vendetta against DM.


This drug has a lot of moving parts in terms of the impact on the body.  That's my point and it's a good one.   The list of potential indications might be seem as a good thing - or as a warning sign.   I guess it's about unintended consequences.


This doesn’t make sense, and it’s not a “good one”. The numerous safety verifications, and the number of very sick patients on a plethora of other medications (diabetics with a history of heart problems take a lot of meds) that have had no serious side effects is convincing, strong, clear evidence of safety and low risk for “unintended consequences”.


The BTD is a good thing too.   But it's not approval.  That's still a long ways away.   


This does make sense, but it’s not particularly helpful. As others have noted, typically BTD is worth a very large some of money. This leads to your next point, about the company’s valuation, which is the only question that makes sense and is currently relevant.  However, there are many possible explanations—thinly traded Canadian biotech, no US listing, investors feeling burned by Don’s previous promises and innuendos (you!). There are surely others.


The vast majority of this board has already digested, agreed, and even restated every single one of your salient points—mostly about Don and his questionable business decisions, and relationship (or lack thereof) with retail investors.  These are all good and valid points. No one is trying to take away your “free speech” by telling you we are tired of hearing you try to find creative ways of restating these points and insulting management.  Your insults are not particularly funny, and they are definitely not helpful.  Now that we all know you lied about selling your position, taking your gobs of money, and investing in a more worthwhile company (Constellation, wasn’t it?) we can assume you would like this investment of yours to be profitable. Why don’t you help it with your silence?


I think I speak for many on this board when I say I empathize with you about a truly a bad break you caught with this investment. It sounds like Don really overpromised you, and got you in pretty deep with unrealistic private promises of returns and timeframes. But none of us are making arguments that rely on Don’s promises. If you can’t see real value in this company, you should leave.  Everyone who is staying has weighed Don’s remarks and failures against the positives, and still see a valuable investment (that of course still has hefty risk).


The only thing “silly” is that I keep engaging you on all of these points. They don’t change, and neither do your arguments. The only things that have changed for this company in the past 8 months are positive.

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