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Message: RVX AGM 12/22/2020 - rough transcript

Thanks Imtesty, great job!   Noticed this...lovely!

OK. The last question that was on the list here is the company still pursuing an additional public listing on a US exchange. And the answer there is we are not pursuing a listing on a US exchange at this time. And as discussed on this call, we currently have several positive ongoing developments that enable us to move our program forward, as well as working on this COVID program. So I don’t think we’re missing out on anything there right now. The markets are pretty good in life sciences, but overall not so good. (Don)


Boggles the mind! We have seen massive dilution over the years thanks to the failure to list on the US boards that really count! Instead, Don chooses to continue to favor the TSX/backwaters and we all know what that has done for us.



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