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Message: As we appear to have a flat tire down at the registry...you then read this from Fauci!

Toinv,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I dont see our illustrious Investor Relations expert on the web site anymore,,,,,,we still have a coule of heavy hitters such as chief financial and business development seats,,,,,part of "The Team" as noted,,,,,,,,,not sure if DMcC is the source of all the years of financing past,,,,,,,these two jobs must have input,,,of some sort,......business seems stagnated,,,its either a hedge fund in NY or C19,,,,gotta have an excuse of some sort ,,,,,,,,,,and what numbers are you crunching when you have no cash,,,hummmmm,,,I think this crew should have froze all salaries and applied for the CERB,,,,,,including DMcC!!!!!,,,that would have been the best choice the past two years of total inactivity!!!!,,,,,,,,,,but to The Team its just water under the fridge,,,as Bubbles would say ,,!!

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