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Message: "We have the vaccine, but we shouldn’t be resting on our laurels...."

Tada, nice review! That said, it's brutal thinking about all of the months that have ticked by...while members of my clan had Covid, and one was in an isolation room, and you didn't know if they'd make it or not. It's not just about making $$$ here...it became very personal. Real lives...of people I love! So, this slo-mo pace from late 2020 onward has not been appreciated, especially when you had the excellent research findings that were generated by outside parties.

I also agree with some of the posters who are pointing their finger at management, with a proviso. Don's outright baloney re the trial dates is scandalous if he knew that there was no way in the world that RVX could pull this off...unless those were legitimate target dates that he gave us and this has been deliberately stalled by other groups (e.g. BP influence) for their own nefarious reasons.

Actually, that comment about incompetency was directed towards the ethics committees or bureaucrats that appear to be slowing this down. Unless of course, they are competent and got orders to slow this down! And yes, I've read enough over the years - thanks to whistleblowers from the pharmaceutical industry -  to know how BP really works!

It wasn't directed towards RVX management, who I know you like to stand up for.

I had read Cityslicker's post, re the farming out to external reviewers. Weeks ago I posted that I had read the monthly meeting agenda of a hospital or some health authority in Ontario and the deadlines that were set. Miss one thing and you're stalled for another month? That was my read.

Regarding the ethics committees, they can be slow, especially if it's in an area the committee members know nothing about, which is likely with a BET inhibitor. So they will probably have farmed the application out to external reviewers with more delays. ABL has so much going for it, I can't believe they would turn it down. (Cityslicker)

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