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Message: "We have the vaccine, but we shouldn’t be resting on our laurels...."

I'm not standing up for anyone 10-41 but am being realistic in understanding that no matter how good or bad some of the actors in this dog and pony show are, there are outside influences that are continually throwing roadblocks in the way. Much of the blame can fall directly on the shoulders of those that could have should have and would have done better, however continually dwelling on those short comings on a public forum is totally unproductive for everyone. 

Yes the continual wait is trying and bringing many to the brink of insanity, but every day is bringing us closer to the end goal of showing the world that this little Calgary biotech has something worth paying attention to. With over 200 potential trials ahead of us in the que it wouldn't be surprising to still be in this position 2 to 4 weeks from now.

What's really exciting for us and bad for the world is the growth in the number of new COVID cases each day for the last few weeks. 59k new cases in the USA on the 21st increased the supply of new patients to test a bunch more drugs. Unforunitly the COVID numbers are again expanding instead of contracting all over the world. We, collectively all of the countries in the world, need to have an expanded number of therapeutics to deal with COVID, just in case it takes on another ugly life as our weather in the Northern hemisphere turns form summer to fall to winter when the masses again huddle in close proximity to each other to spread whatever they have with one another. ABL needs to be tested to see if it indeed should be one of the therapies in that arsenal.

Our current federal government had promised us some funding money back in the fall of 2020. To date I have not heard that we have received a single dollar from them.

I understand it is hard to continue to keep the faith sort to speak but anyone who is frustrated may want to redirect their frustrations to MP's, MLA's and Health Canada and every media outlet you can think of as often as you have those frustrating thoughts.


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