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Message: Wish they would get in on this type of thing

imtesty - If ABL ever sees a COVID trial and has any success whatsoever it will definitely be part of this long-haul-covid study. The Framingham Heart Study that they are using for comparison began in 1948 and is still ongoing today. The FHS administered by Boston University recently(in the last year or so) received a $38 million grant to continue the study for another 5 years or so.

ABL in one way or another, whether it's with RVX or any other company that picks up the scraps has a very good chance of being the star child of this type of long-haul study. Through all of our previous trials and studies we have already shown positivity in stopping or dramatically slowing the Cytokines Storm, reducing inflammation, repairing heart, lung and kidney cells and having a positive effect on certain brain issues. That's pretty much everything that is affecting these long-haul-covid patients today.

If this study you are referring to is modelled after the FHS as is suggested, it will be ongoing for many many years. Even at the pace RVX is going we will be part of that study, if we have any commercial success.


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