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Message: We need safe and effective Covid therapies

The last segment on Fox News Tucker Carlson Tonight aired this evening - entitled - The Left's War on Science - Treatments for Covid are Being Ignored (poor title) -  Dr Cameron Durrant - Humanigen CEO - stated that over ~ 685,000 Americans have died from Covid, most of them in the hospital - a statistic that highlights the need for in-hospital treatments to supplement vaccines. Lenzilumab, administered by injection is Humanigen's drug. Dr C stated that the FDA has a very difficult job to do and is stretched and under resourced but he believes that Lenzi will be authorized in due course. He also stated that there are other safe and effective therapies available, but not very many and we need more proven, safe, and effective therapies for physicians to increase the size of their armaments for patients hospitalized with Covid.

Apabetalone is in line to start any day now, whatever that means. Dr C's comments seem to add credibility to DM's comments and the Eversana partnership. They have had ample time to set this up properly. Let's get this trial going and this therapy authorized.

Don't throw in the towel yet!




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