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Message: Re: Also interesting, but less encouraging

***narmac, in your opinion, where do you see RVX ending up?***

Isnt that the whole jist of the conversation around this company,,"how could anyone project where we end up". So far these past few years are pointing to possible failure to lauch. Idleness and lack of pleasing the market on any point has put us in this price bracket. I am no Notradamus and have absolutley no idea what the market could or will value us,,,,,I am hoping we have value. This team unfortunately cant create the share value they think we should have. If wishes were horses beggars would ride they say!!!,,,the team has failed us!,,,it wont turn out in any way we expect I surmise.

Its a pretty nice gig, research and no development,,,,,but it must be boring!!!!!,,,,yet,,,the money is good,,!!,,Not for shareholders however. And we stay as long as the big investors stay. They have lots of staying power. The average investor doesn't!!,,the CEO laughed at shareholders who would even think of selling for just under a buck,,,,,and they themselves are doing PP in this range now,,,what bigots!...jmo

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