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Message: Also interesting, but less encouraging

Koo ... too lazy and strapped for time to look it up, do you recall the number of patients for CORAL, and expected (estimated) time-frame to completion and read out once commenced?

With Covid popping back a little and having the U.S. and Middle East involved, I would hope enrollment will be less of an issue than P2 which was focused in an area of Canada. 

Also wondering how long it would take to make an assessment of long haul benefits, which are longer term problems? Maybe not that long I guess, "if," the important predictor bio-markers are impacted positively?

Hoping also that there are some similar BoM2 patient profiles enrolled with Covid, another sneak peak and ad hoc data and observations (potentially valuable) for BoM2 refinement and predictive data, or even EUA case worthy (long shot)??

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