High performance thermal management devices for microprocessors and electronic components for the computer industry

Global Market was an estimated $3.8 billion in 2010 and will reach $5 billion by 2013

Message: historical prices

Good question George and the answer is, "my group" is so wrapped up cash wise with our main play (EDIG) that they are not venturing out at present into other opportunities. In my private email chats with many it's basically, "when I make some profit, I'll take a closer look."

We all agree the fast facts, numbers/growth looks good, but the timing to get in is the question people have. Certainly the pps/timing is now, if one has the cash.

I am planning to do so in June if some things work out with a couple of plays.

I have added RCHN to my list of "favorite stock hubs" so that people looking at my profile can see it listed. The profile is a great tool for people to see what you are involved in. Any time I see a new member name on one of my boards I check the profile and post history, to get a feel for a members credibility.

Your boards certainly lend a hand in doing one's DD.

Thanks for your input.

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