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Message: Route1 launches mobile user ID validation solution

Route1 launches mobile user ID validation solution


2016-12-06 11:47 ET - News Release


Mr. Tony Busseri reports


Route1 Inc. has launched DerivID, an industry-first derived credential solution for personal identity verification (PIV) and common access card (CAC) users that validates the identity of mobile users seamlessly, simply and securely. DerivID exceeds U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) security standards, and eliminates the need for an external card reader.

Developed in direct response to feedback from Route1's U.S. military and civilian government accounts, DerivID is a best-in-class solution for validating the identity of mobile government employees who need to securely access networks and applications, digitally sign documents, and more. Part of the Route1 suite of patented security solutions, DerivID leverages deployed and fully accredited infrastructures (DEFIMNETs) that are available to both the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) and civilian government, ensuring that the technology can be seamlessly deployed and scaled. The solution exceeds the highest federal security requirements and incorporates two-factor authentication, all at a lower cost than competitive offerings. It supports multiple user credentials per mobile device and supports unique credentials for a user's multiple devices.

Brian Brunetti, president of Route1, commented on today's news: "DerivID furthers Route1's objective of providing best-in-class technology solutions that enable productive and flexible work forces without compromising the integrity of sensitive data or organizational networks, and represents the gold standard in mobile user identity validation. As with our other technology offerings, DerivID exceeds federal security standards and is simple to deploy and scale."

Unlike other derived credentials solutions, DerivID eliminates vulnerabilities associated with brute force attacks, including dictionary attacks. It also enables the detection and prevention of multiple sign-in attempts. DerivID is designed to integrate and actively function with multiple certificate authorities on the Federal Bridge, and integrates seamlessly with leading MDM (mobile device management) and EMM (enterprise mobility management) providers. The solution is ideal for government and military decision makers including CISOs, IAOs and enterprise mobility executives. Additional key benefits of the DerivID solution include the following.

Secure processes and technology:


  • Architected based on NIST SP 800-157;
  • High-security smart card technology that eliminates the possibility of brute force attacks, including dictionary attacks;
  • Configurable user reauthentication triggers and credential validity periods;
  • Enables the detection and prevention of multiple sign-in attempts;
  • Level of Assurance 3 (LOA3).


Flexible solution:


  • Automated credential life cycle management;
  • Designed to integrate with existing certificate authorities on the Federal Bridge;
  • Actively functions with multiple certificate authorities;
  • More cost-effective than other derived credentials solutions.


Excellent usability:


  • Supports native, MDM/EMM and custom apps, with APIs available for mobile app development;
  • Operates in both on-line and off-line mode;
  • Complete self-service -- no security officer required to facilitate issuance of derived credentials.


Route1's security solutions are trusted by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the U.S. Department of Defense, the U.S. Navy, and other government and enterprise organizations. Route1 protects government and enterprise from the risk of data loss due to unauthorized mobile access and privacy non-compliance, while enabling a more productive work force. DerivID is the newest offering in the company's suite of patented enterprise security solutions that combines best-in-class authentication, data security and secure communications with streamlined administration tools, running on a proven, trusted infrastructure.


Tony Busseri, chief executive officer of Route1, concluded: "The launch of DerivID represents a significant milestone for Route1, as we continue to execute on our plan to diversify our product portfolio and leverage our deep relationships within the military and civilian departments of the U.S. government. With the unveiling of DerivID, as well as the launch of MobiENCRYPT in August, 2016, along with our flagship MobiKEY technology, Route1 now offers a more diversified suite of technology solutions that we expect to increase sales and business development opportunities."

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