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Royal Roads Corp. is a Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada based exploration and development company focused on its gold and base metal properties in central Newfoundland, particularly, the famous Buchans Mining Camp.

Message: Royal Roads Pulls One Off

Royal Roads Pulls One Off

posted on Jun 23, 2009 02:27AM

I've followed RRO story since Jan., BNN ads got me watching. As I see it they have nursed Acadian Mining back to life thru ScoZinc's bankruptcy. As I understand it ADA should now be able to repay RRO some 2.7 million. Please do your own math, mine said it's worth @ .06 a share to RR0. My math homework also computed RR0 made a profit in 2008 thanks to good emalgimation, how many junior's in development did that last year?

Schmid (Please do your own research, investing can be harmful to your finacial and emotional health)


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