The World’s First Touch-Based Solution To Prevent Alcohol-Related Accidents

Creating Alcohol Free Workplaces To Increase Productivity and Potentially Save Lives

Message: VIDEO – SOBRsafe “Appleizing” Breathalyzer Industry As Apple Revolutionized Mobile Phones 16 Years Ago

VIDEO – SOBRsafe “Appleizing” Breathalyzer Industry As Apple Revolutionized Mobile Phones 16 Years Ago

posted on Jan 12, 2023 04:01PM

16 years ago today, standing on stage at Macworld Expo, Steve Jobs uttered words that would go down in history as introducing a device that would change everything. 

"Today, Apple is going to reinvent the phone" 

Jobs unveiled the ‌iPhone‌ that stood apart with a futuristic design, a multi-touch display, no physical keyboard and iPhoneOS, a proper mobile operating system.  Fans of the physical keyboard panned the iPhone and swore they would never adapt it - especially blackberry users - but the rest is history because mobile phones needed to move beyond basic physical functionality.


The modern day breathalyzer has so many similarities to the Blackberry of 2006.  It is functional and gets the job done - but it completely lacks any ability to exponentially expand functionality based on modern technology.  Blowing breath into a local device that takes minutes to produce a result and requires hazmat style dispensing with each use is anything but cutting edge.

The $SOBR flagship product (SOBRcheck™) is the world’s First Touch-Based Alcohol Detection Solution that delivers results into the cloud within seconds.  But rather than trying to describe its technical superiority, we’ll take another page out of the Steve Jobs playbook and simply show you this video demonstration:

If you’re blown away by that video (pardon the pun) then you’ll be even more impressed by these $SOBR highlights from 2022:

  • $10 Million Uplist To Nasdaq 
  • $19.5 Million Raised In 2022
  • SOBRcheck™ Awarded Occupational Health & Safety 2022 New Product Of The Year - Safety Monitoring Devices.
  • Child Safety Network Safe Family Seal Of Approval
  • 6 Customers In Revenue 
  • 9 Distributors Signed Representing 500 Potential Customers
  • Top 100 Insurers Piloting SOBRcheck™ With Fleet Customers

Finally, expanding the company’s capability to the Alcohol Rehabilitation market, $SOBR received a purchase order for 1,150 units for its wearable band SOBRsure™ launching in Q1 2023. 



In addition to fantastic organic momentum coming from the company’s tech and business development efforts, $SOBR got a MAJOR boost from the NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board) in September of 2022 when it called for all new cars to include passive alcohol-detection systems.

Why would the NTSB call for this?  America is facing a road and workplace accident epidemic related to alcohol, with these sobering statistics:

  • 13% Of US Commercial Drivers Test Positive For Alcohol, Highest Rate Worldwide 
  • 11,000 Alcohol Related Accidents Every Year.  
  • That Rate Is Climbing And Technology Has Failed To Keep Pace With This Epidemic.
  • 47% Of Workplace Injuries Linked To Alcohol
  • 11% Of Workplace Fatality Victims Test Alcohol-Positive

With $SOBR having developed and already commercializing the world’s first touch-based solution to prevent alcohol-related accidents, the Company isn’t just providing the world with a better product, it is also going to save and change lives.  

For a look back on 2022 and a look forward into 2023, sit back, relax and watch this powerful interview with $SOBR Chairman & CEO David Gandini.



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