The First Ever Touch-Based, Alcohol Detection System For Fleets & Industry

Creating Alcohol Free Workplaces To Increase Productivity, Save Lives

SOBR Safe Inc. Profile

Every driver on the road, every operator on the job, and every pilot in the sky should be sober.   


Yet alcohol-related accident rates continue to climb, and technology has not kept pace with this epidemic…until now.


Workplace Drinking Epidemic... "Commercial Fleets suffer from over 11,000 alcohol related accidents every year.  That rate is climbing and technology has failed to keep pace with this epidemic" 


The annual cost of alcohol abuse in the U.S. is $249 billion. Nearly half of all industrial accidents with injuries are alcohol-related, and 1-in-10 U.S. commercial drivers test positive for alcohol (the highest rate worldwide). In response, SOBRsafe™ has developed a proprietary, touch-based identity verification, alcohol detection and cloud-based reporting system.


The technology is transferable across innumerable form factors, including stationary access control, personal wearables and for telematics integration. A preventative solution in a historically reactive industry, it is being deployed for commercial fleets and workplaces; other intended applications include managed care and young drivers.


This patent-pending alcohol detection solution helps prevent an intoxicated worker from taking the factory floor, or a driver the vehicle keys. An offender is immediately flagged, and the employer (or parent, rehab sponsor, etc.) is empowered to take the appropriate corrective actions. At SOBRsafe, we are creating a culture of prevention.

  • 47% Of workplace injuries linked to alcohol
  • $41K Cost to employers of an alcohol-related injury
  • 11% Of workplace fatality victims test alcohol-positive
  • 13% Of US commercial drivers test positive for alcohol, highest rate worldwide



 Why is it Important to Create Alcohol-Free Workplaces and Increase Productivity, Why SOBRSafe (SOBR: NASDAQ)



"Nearly 50% of industrial injuries and fatalities are alcohol related.  Commercial Fleets suffer from over 11,000 alcohol related accidents every year.  That rate is climbing and technology has failed to keep pace with this epidemic"  

SOBRsafe has developed a patented, touch-based alcohol detection system for truck fleets, school bus fleets and industrial workplaces named SOBR Check

SOBRSafe mission is to prevent alcohol-related injuries and deaths on our roadways and workplaces through the simple touch of a finger. This results in increased productivity and profitability.

  • Save lives
  • Increases productivity
  • Creates significant economic benefits
  • Protects the health of employees


SOBR Solution: Touch-Based, IoT-enabled alcohol detection, with instantaneous data reporting via a SaaS platform … World’s First Touch-Based Solution To Prevent Alcohol-Related Accidents.

  • SOBRcheck™ Stationary     Warehouse, manufacturing, construction
  • SOBRcheck™ Mobile         Last Mile Delivery / Alcohol Rehab / Teen Drivers



Now that you have an understanding of the magnitude of the problem and the disruptive power of SOBRSafe, you need to see it for yourself. Watch these short but powerful videos demonstrating how SOBR Checkwill be applied across different verticals.


School Buses: Drunk Driving Preventative Technology

  • Safety of the school children #1 priority 
  • Identifying Bus Driver Intoxication
  • Realtime sobriety detection
  • Wirelessly communicates offenders to dispatch
  • Realtime sobriety detection technology
  • Beta Stage technology to be made available to schools nationwide

Delivery Vehicles: Ensuring Every Vehicle is Alcohol Free 

  • Removing the risk of inebriated driving from vehicle routes 
  • 9 million delivery and service trucks on road
    With touch of a finger in real time
  • Preventative:                    ·       
    • Verifies employee ID
    • Verifies sobriety  
    • Employers take action at dispatch 
    • Discreetly verifies in real time and flags offenders


Manufacturing: Efficiently taking corrective measures without impeding workflow and production.

  • Screening at entry point protects workers from harm
  •   Industrial alcohol injuries cost $2.5b per year, public safety concern
  • Preventative measures successful
  • Data relayed Customized dashboard
  • Discreet device verifies real time: 
    • Employee identification and
    • Sobriety
  • Employee Flagged 
  • Preventative measures successful

Warehouses: Requiring Zero Tolerance Policies

  • Multi–ton machinery and million-dollar inventory 
  • Industrial accidents cost employers 2.5B per year
  • SOBRSafe discreetly verifies in real time: 
  • Employee identification  
    • Sobriety
    • Data Info relayed to customized dashboard 
  •  Management takes corrective action
  •   Workplace safer and more productive.