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Message: New CEO..

After being a trusting and excited shareholder of KXL..Kodiak and PDG ..Prodigy..both company's that Brian Mahar was CEO of ,I can say to you that Brian Mahar talks a great story ..can raise cash like no one else and sell mining stock like no one else..The only problem is he gives all the options and freebie to n him self in grants and incentives..While the poor trusting sucked shareholder make squat;..Now I am not saying he is doing anything illegal but Brian's best interest are Brian..

Gratefully Canada and Peru have an extradition treaty..

Brian will pump the share price to $4-5 and the company will collapse under the weight of overly bloated share dilution making the stock worthless..If you are buying this stock sell it the first time it hits a buck...you will be glad you did..For me..I wouldn't give Brian Mahar or any company or organization he is associated with one penny..peso or plugged nickle,..

This is my own opinion..

But you are welcome to him..oh the first time he raised $70 million for Kodiac he leased a helicopter to travel around in..so you know where the $70 mill went..and Kodiak went into the sewer.


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