BREAKING: Empower Clinics Announces Joint Venture with Heritage Cannabis for the Production of Hemp Derived CBD Oils and Formulated Products in Oregon USA

  • Heritage, via its wholly owned subsidiary Purefarma Solutions Inc., will install extraction units and related downstream extraction equipment inside Empower’s existing 5,000 sq. ft. licenced hemp processing facility in Sandy, OR.
  • JV will be equally funded by both companies with Heritage investing an initial $500,000 for start-up funds, as the build out completes and the JV secures high quality hemp supply from local growers
  • Once operational, the JV will begin producing proprietary branded products for Empower’s corporately owned physician staffed health clinics in Washington State, Oregon, Nevada and Arizona

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August 20, 2019

“We think it’s premature to declare inflation to be dead...”

“We could still see more unorthodox policies, like ‘helicopter money’.”

PIMCO's words (and actions, we presume), echo a report from BlackRock, co-authored by Philipp Hildebrand, Stanley Fischer and Jean Boivin, pointing out that central banks have limited firepower left in their monetary armory, and that fiscal policy is constrained by still-high debt levels. The trio concluded that “unprecedented policies will be needed to respond to the next economic downturn”. The report added:

“Without a clear framework in place, policymakers will inevitably find themselves blurring the boundaries between fiscal and monetary policies... This threatens the hard-won credibility of policy institutions and could open the door to uncontrolled fiscal spending.”


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