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Skyharbour Resources Ltd. is a uranium and precious metal exploration company actively involved with the development of projects in one of the most active uranium exploration regions in the world, the Athabasca Basin, Saskatchewan.

Message: Update

Will Skyharbour reach 5 million shares trading today ???

This would give us a total of close to 20 million traded in last 4 trading days.

Let us all remember that a forth hole is being drilled and its closer to the old shaft than number 3 hole. I expect that a great move would be for hole 5 to be another 100 closer to shaft.

For all new Skyharbour watchers.. please remember this South Bay Project is not the only project we are working on at this time. We are drilling with a 7000 ft drill at present right next to Gold eagle on their Southern Border at Red Lake, Ontario. ( I remember buying both partners of GEA for less than 20 cents a share & you can do that Math)

Take a look at what Gea has found and also look at their share price today and than you can guess if gold is also found on the SYH-CYP what great potential this stock has in the future..

No that's not all.. We have 3 properties in the Rainy River area and we are currently waiting for another drill to continue our exploration work there and I am told this will happen a little later this spring or early summer. We are being told our driller is waiting for their other new drill and will proceed ASAP..

And then there is an iron property in the background.... that no is saying much at this time about.

All in all , I am of the opinion that we have the opportunity here with Skyharbour of many more future gains.

Regards to all the Skyharbour shareholders "OLD AND NEW"

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