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Skyharbour Resources Ltd. is a uranium and precious metal exploration company actively involved with the development of projects in one of the most active uranium exploration regions in the world, the Athabasca Basin, Saskatchewan.

Message: assay update

Hello all Syh investors.

Note: I am a just a shareholder like you, and not an insider.

I believe that we need to understand that CEO's take a very dim view of people that attempt to get information by any of the means I described in my post. I might further suggest that it is not illegal to call or look up by whatever means one chooses to find out how long it takes a lab to complete their work.

But by asking for any information about any specific company while implying somehow, that one is a company employee or such, would be entering a very questionable area. I also would think that any lab would not simply give any information on any specific company and if they were doing so, had better put safegards in place very fast or they may risk loosing future business

I also believe that someone has actually tried to go beyond what was mentioned , but no individuals are named.

I also watch other boards and see what I feel a new member or investor may take for granted what others may post as being the norm, but as we all know, our interest lies in Skyharbour .

I further believe we all have been notified as to what will be or not be tolerated..

Now lets get back to business and realize now that the incidents were perhaps.. only someone with some good intentions.

My regards to all

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