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Message: SSC/AAT Q&A


posted on Jan 12, 2010 06:14PM

Found this interesting exchange on MC; thought I would share it with you:

Good Day Roy, I am Interested in what you News you have to release from your meeting with George Graham from AAT. I have recently been watching AAT and SSC and have read the News release on the 23rd of December for SSC titled "United States Government Awards Smartcool GSA Contract" This is outstanding news for Smartcool Systems. I remembered a NR for AAT had on June 09 2009 titled "AirTest complements product line with Smartcool's energy reduction technology". This has intrigued me into knowing what sort of Partnership or "ALLIANCE" these two companies have been developing. Is it a strong possibility that AAT might benefit from this, along with integration of some of Airtests proprietary technology marketed and integrated with Smartcools products? I might just be reading to much into this while doing some DD. Heard Anything?


Sorry for the delay Nuvalour. Continued health problems bla bla.

In the past i have referred to SSC and AAT as sister companies. They share key shareholders, common clientele and synergy between CEOs.. The fact no one seems to realise is that SSC is one of AATs largest customers for OEM direct product. This will become more symbiotic in natureas Airtests develops its gas sensing technologies and pehaps looks at a licensing agreement in SE Asia and Australia....see the SSC NR today.

Be aware that a huge consortium with over 800million in sales and ownership of large retail malls is a stakeholder in SSC. I expect they will one daytake an equity position in AAT as well

Hope this sheds a bit of light on the association


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