A Proprietary, Patent-Pending Data Authentication Solution

Message: VIDEO - Solvbl Solutions (SOLV:CSE) Proprietary Tech Operates Dramatically Faster and At Lower Latency Than Blockchain

VIDEO - Solvbl Solutions (SOLV:CSE) Proprietary Tech Operates Dramatically Faster and At Lower Latency Than Blockchain

posted on Dec 22, 2021 08:00AM

It’s no secret that we live in a digital data age. Data is critical for the present and future of automation, AI, IoT, analytics etc. As decisions become more automated, data integrity becomes even more crucial. The cyber security market size was valued at $149.67 billion in 2019 and is projected to reach $304.91 billion by 2027.  

Data is the “new gold” and… where you find gold you’ll find people who want to steal it. Forgery and hacking is a growing problem in the data world.  

Enter Q by SoLVBL™’s Patented Technology  

Q by SoLVBL™ operates dramatically faster and at lower latency than the alternative today, Digital Ledger Technology (DLT)—commonly referred to as Blockchain. This in turn enables data uses and applications DLT does not support.   

The Q by SoLVBL™ protocol produces a unique digital seal for each submitted record. This seal, in correlation with the record for which it was issued, can be used to:  

  1. Prove the record has not been altered since the seal was issued
  2. Link the record to the possessor of a private signing key, i.e. an identity
  3. Determine relative ordering of records sealed in this manner
  4. Uniquely identify an instance of the record by way of its seal (each seal reflects an instance)

Third-Party Validation...

The company recently announced the Successful Completion of Amazon Web Services Technical Review of Q by SoLVBL(TM).

The review confirmed Q by SoLVBL's, security, reliability and operational excellence while reducing overall operational workload risk for cloud-based applications.

In addition, the company signed its first (MoU) in the Financial Services Sector, with QuantGate Systems to Develop a Program for Data Security.

"We are certain that SoLVBL Solutions' collaboration with QuantGate will yield a comprehensive cybersecurity solution for QuantGate's technology service platform, answering a growing global cyber threatWe believe this will be the first of many such opportunities in the financial services vertical, and one that we realized was needed and doable in our ongoing conversations with the QuantGate team. Together we realized the need for this level of data protection in this sector," said Kaiser Akbar, President & CEO of SoLVBL Solutions.

But wait, there’s more.

SoLVBL signed an (MoU) with Empower Clinics to Develop a Program for Data Security in Diagnostic Testing.

The company aims to develop a cyber security program to detect cyber-attacks and provide data security to the diagnostic testing programs used by Empower.

Here’s what Steven McAuley, CEO of Empower had to say,

"We are excited to collaborate with SoLVBL Solutions, a company with broad know-how in data verification and cybersecurity. The collaboration agreement entered with Empower combines SoLVBL Solutions' data verification capabilities with Empower's experience and extensive expertise in the design, construction, operation, and maintenance of healthcare clinics and world-class diagnostic laboratories. With the increase in data collection, the demand to protect and verify data is unprecedented. We have seen such announcements come from both the Canadian and American governments. We feel this verification solution will allow us to continue to grow and meet the demands and needs of our patients and health care administrations. The collaboration aligns with our expansion and growth plans to become a global technological leader in the healthcare diagnostic sector."

Sit back and watch this powerful interview.

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