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Message: Sonomax Adding to Intellectual Property Pipeline...

That sounds good to me, that the large shareholders were heard and this type of consideration was taken, that holds a lot of merit with me, and a pleasant surprise. If the MM,s would back off, we could be sitting at .10, because the value is in a position to be soon realized, speculation usually goes ahead of this realization, and it should have been reflected in the sp before now. The many wanton products that we have, plus the other patents being worked on in the R&D department, suggest great things to come. It looks like we have a large portion of the in-ear niche market cornered with complete or near completion products, it would not take long for profits to be realized from several market hits. All this recent received monies appear to be going right in to the quick advancement of our products, in which could turn out more pleasant surprises for us going forward.

The quality of our products seem to be excelled and this will go the length in the publics eye in reviews and comparisons to like products in the market.We appear to have everything in place and are setting at the pivot point to blast off, I would expect some analysts shortly.


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