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Message: Anyone talking to Nick?


Sonomax is pretty much done as far as I am concerned. If he cannot return your calls when he did in the past, then he is in hiding. He is a joke of a CEO and drove the company into the ground.

They win CES for Innovative Product in their class like 2 years in a row, Skull Candy a big company can't even bother to get around to release their version of the product through the licensing agreement and all the others that signed on.

They had a real product that was cool and maybe with a better price point could of sold if you actually get in front of Walmart, Future Shop, Best Buy, Target, whoever. You gotta sell this yourself and hire some people/firms that can actually do PR and promotion. All this licensing crap is not gonna work.

The best hope is they get a buyout/takeover bid someday for anything above 10 cents per share.

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