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First Explorer at the "Ring of Fire" and presently drilling on the "BIG DADDY" Chromite/Pge's jv'd property...yet we were robbed

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I always liked this board but I sold my Spider shares a few weeks ago. I bougth them very cheap so I sold them for a good profit. I didn't loose anything. So far so good. But this morning I thought: why shouldn't I buy Cliffs shares because they took the most of my value of Spider shares. So I did and just a few moments ago I sold them and had a profit of 2000 dollars. Not bad, but most of all I feel satisfied. Maybe they are higher tomorrow, but I do not care because I am satisfied what I got now.

I do not want to tell people to sell their Spider shares, No! because I admire the people who still have their shares. It is also a principle you have but I only want to say that I got in one day some extra cash ....from Cliffs! Maybe you do not like what I did, but I didn't like what Cliffs did to us.

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