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First Explorer at the "Ring of Fire" and presently drilling on the "BIG DADDY" Chromite/Pge's jv'd property...yet we were robbed

Message: Now What

RJ I a lso have held on and just wating for the courts to deside as I know dam well that spq and kwg are worth more. Ihave been a s/holder for a long time and I was told so by a good friend who had the scoop. It is just to bad we were sold out by people who did not have the ability or know how to look after the people who stood by them in the hard times of this venture??? Just remember them for any future ventures and always keep in mind that these people can not be trusted to take your interests but only their own???? I still firmly believe that no take over should be alowed until a complete evaluation has been made as well as a complete disclosure made to all the share holders as to what is taking place in the takeover bids by co.s Perhaps I"m wrong but small share holders just seem to simply get beeten up on. Turcotte

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