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First Explorer at the "Ring of Fire" and presently drilling on the "BIG DADDY" Chromite/Pge's jv'd property...yet we were robbed

Message: No Rush

Thx rj, i know that i am tying up about 20k, but i believe there is about 5-10k if i get lucky. I didnt like there deal based on valuations and future values. It is not so much money that i am tying up. I own most other Ring of Fire stocks and have loaded up on KWG so i think the end price that they may pay will make a difference on KWG if they get taken out by Cliffs. I hope to make it all back on a higher takeout price for kwg, so i think it is very important to draw the line here and be patient for a higher price since it will effect kwg take out if it happens.


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