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Message: St-Georges Shareholder Q & A Broadcast Page - Sunday January 21, 2018

Question 1: For those uneducated in Blockchain, and unable to do sufficient DD. Please give a breakdown of the companies activities: Tiande, Gatcoin, ZeU Coin, Transaction speed & capacity, Dr. Tsai, real world uses for the tech and accomplishments in testing etc.

Question 2: How did the Miami conference go? Who did you guys meet with and what was their feedback? Did you ink any partnerships?

Question 3: What is IIROC feedback on the BS that took place last week? What are they doing to find the perps? What is Sheldon doing to get equally powerful groups to step up to the plate for us? Why should someone risk their hard earned $ in a stock that the company has no control over? 

Question 4: Frank mentioned a possible share buyback when and if it is feasible. What exactly needs to occur in order to make that happen?  


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