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Message: Questions from shareholder for sundays interview
  • Frank said on Twitter that the way the book was being filled prior to open on Monday indicated to IIROC that retail investors might not be on an even playing field. Can you elaborate on what you mean by this? What exactly was happening?
    • Given the events that followed, I would say they were correct in their original determination. What changed, or what did they do, to make them feel alright about the situation, and thus unhalt the stock?
    • What additional information did they request from the company and why was nothing else provided to update the market if IIROC needed updating?
  • Are any of the rumors seen on twitter in the run up of the stock price in weeks prior a result of information leaks from the company?
  • Why was the agreement with Tiande merely a non-binding LOI? What is your confidence level on this deal going through? 
  • What is the status of the debenture financing of Zeu? Other shareholders have said you have told them it is oversubscribed. Is this true?
  • The ‘rumors’ of Jack Ma, Peter Thiel, or other influential investors seems to have been one of the major sticking points for people. Can you comment on these at all?
  • Did any insiders purchase any shares this week?
    • Please clarify the rumors of insiders being under blackout. Does this apply solely to Agoracom (George) as a result of previous incidents, or are all company insiders under blackout as a result of something else?
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