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Message: Questions for interview

First off, thanks for making this opportunity available. Franks always been available to answer questions and after last weeks fiasco this is going to be an integral point moving forward.

I want to start by making two suggestions to the $SX team. 


1 - Stop being so predictable ie it’s okay to release news during trading hours or during the week. Sunday night NR are now expected and honestly I feel the predictability of the NR helped contribute to the fiasco.


2 - If you are going to tweet cryptic posts without much clarity, it’s going to lead to speculation and false hope. I think this also lead to a lot of tweets that made people assume too much, too fast. 

Just my opinion moving forward. 

Also after your meetings in San Palo and Miami it would probably have been more beneficial (in San Palo especially) to atleast give a little news. Ie meetings this week is the start of 2018 for SX, more to follow) instead nothing was said so it was up to the message boards and twitter universe to speculate and left SX at the mercy of anyone to speculate good or bad. Unfortunately they just spiraled out of control. No news, isn’t always good news.

My Questions:

1 - Why wasn’t the stock halted by IIROC during the week once the suspicious activity was spotted? What in the world needs to happen before IIROC would have stepped in? It couldn’t have been more of a blood bath and with the questionable trading activity I would hate to see what more needed to happen before a red flag went up.

2 - in the deal with Tiande and ZeU it mentions :

ZeU completes a transaction pursuant to which its common shares will either be listed on a recognized stock exchange in North America, or will be exchanged for common shares of a reporting issuer listed on a recognized stock exchange in North America.”

Is the goal to get off the CSE and onto a more reputable exchange? If so, is there a timeline for this or an action plan?


3 - How likely is this deal with Tiande to still go through since $SX got decimated?


4 - **** For 2018 what’s the breakdown of $sx focus?

Ie when I first discovered $SX I was excited mainly about the lithium patent and the potential to license it globally. I still think this is my biggest reason why I believe in Frank and $SX.

I would like to know what the goals and timeline (vague) of the lithium patent process. For 2018 is there goals right now to sign more deals similar to $ICM? 

Blockchain - convince us why this isn’t just fluff and what portion of the teams focus will be on Blockchain in 2018. 

Is the focus to put the Lithium portion of the business on the back burner and focus on Blockchain? I just noticed Frank over the last few weeks is more Blockchain focused and I wonder who on the team is still pushing the Lithium portion of the business at full speed?

It would be nice to know what portion of the teams focus is on Blockchain and what portion is on Lithium?

Maybe part of everyone’s confusion is maybe the blockchain has to do with Lithium and payment from across borders. I’ve always thought when the blockchain news came out that $SX was making a coin or payment system to allow businesses to transfer funds to other business for mineral purchases globally. I can imagine it would speed up the transaction times for someone in say North America to Europe and could be backed by minerals ie Lithium, nickel etc. I only came to this conclusion based on most Cryptocurrencies not being backed by anything of value like gold etc.

Obviously you can’t spill the beans on the plan, but a very good outline of what the heck St-George’s is doing in 2018 besides what people speculate would be great.


5 - Did Jack Ma meet with your team in a December or Dr Wei Tek Tsai?

6 - Was a deal discussed in San Palo with someone? Or was a deal signed? I’m not looking for a name, but if you want any faith from shareholders I think an update or clarity on San Palo would be necessary. Anyone can take a bunch of photos and orchestrate a bunch of tweets leaving people to speculate you are meeting with google. For all we know it was staged to build hype and you guys could have just went to a football game and acted like you were in California for “important” meetings. Not saying that’s what happen, but the goal of today is transparency and I think the team should do its best to be as transparent as possible without giving away confidential details.

Excited to see the team continue the journey. I don’t have many questions about what happened last week because everyone else seems to be focused on that and I’m sure there isn’t a question out there about it that hasn’t been asked or won’t be answered. I also believe nothing can change what happened in the past, we just need to focus on what’s happening moving forward. This is why my 4th question about the direction of St-George’s is my most important one!


Hope to see the answer when I land!

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