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BREAKING: American Creek Announces Additional $1,000,000 Strategic Financing with Eric Sprott

  • Intends to expand the non-brokered private placement in order to include an additional $1,000,000 investment by Eric Sprott
  • Darren Blaney, President & CEO of American Creek stated: “We welcome Mr. Sprott’s further support and additional significant contribution. We greatly appreciate not only his endorsement but also his enthusiasm for the future potential of American Creek’s vision and projects.

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Message: Dr. Wei-Tek Tsai Presents At Paul Benwell & Associates Monthly Investor Cocktail Event

Just some of the many highlights

0:43 "Vitalik published right after my meeting with him and we talked about how to design permission Blockchain for enterprise computing"  ... VITALIK = EHTEREUM CO-FOUNDER

"unlimited scalability"

"biggest Blockchain experiment that we know of" 

"nobody did the size or scale of our experiment"

"we did billions of transactions and had no problems"

"Korean authorities independently verified the data and found no mistakes" [paraphrase]

"regulatory checking and compliance takes place at the same time"

"suddenly we are creating an Internet of Blockchains" OMG!!

"I can now do a lot of things that were not possible before"

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