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Message: St-Georges Announces 2nd Shareholder Q&A

Dear shareholders and prospective investors,

We are happy to announce the 2nd shareholder Q&A.  Shareholder questions posted to this hub will be answered in text format by Dr. Wei Tek Tsa, Frank Dumas, President and CEO and Lord Razzall director of ZeU Crypto Networks.

Format of the Q&A is as follows:

1. To post your question, please use the subject line “Q&A”.

2. When you post your question, please check “Question For AGORACOM’ box.

3. St-Georges can't respond to questions related to current, present or future performance of its share price, nor can they provide non-disclosed material information that would violate securities laws.

4. To this end, please try to review questions already posted by fellow shareholders to avoid duplication.

6. Please limit your questions to a maximum of 3

7. Deadline for submitting questions is SATURDAY MARCH 24th at 5PM EST.

8.  Responses will be posted early next week.

Thank-you and we look forward to your participation.



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